Using NewBrite Track?
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Using NewBrite Track?

A reader writes:

Hello! I was just given a set called the Bachmann Big Haulers RED COMET Train Set. I haven't even pulled it out of the box yet but am looking to do a layout along the walls in my basement. So ... knowing I don't have enough track, went looking. Recently came across some track called New Bright. It seems very reasonably priced and I wondered what opinions you had of it. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

Oh ... they said that there was an upgrade kit for the engine. Do you sell anything like that?

Thanks for getting in touch.

The "Red Comet" was one of Bachmann's first Large Scale (G gauge) train sets. Since then, Bachmann has made several upgrades to the locomotive used in that set, but they aren't things you can do yourself. That only means that if you buy a new set today, you'll notice a smoother-running engine.

Don't feel bad, I have one that's even older, and I still enjoy running it. :-)

Regarding track, let me ask you how much room you have. The track that comes with trains makes a 4'-diameter curve. If you run your train you'll notice that it seems to be "tight." Now if that's all the room you have, then fine. But if you have room to incorporate larger curves, your train will thank you.

The bad news part is that the track that came with the train is not very solid, and the New Bright track is worse. I'm afraid that adding more of the Bachmann track will cost you unless you can find it used.

If you decide to go with larger curves, then you're stuck with brass, but your train WILL run better.

Best of luck,

Paul Race

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