Crimped aluminum for corrugated siding
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Author:  paulrace [ Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Crimped aluminum for corrugated siding

A reader writes:

I have a crimper as displayed in the article bu does not crimp the aluminum as produced by your efforts. IS heating the metal as a requirement to produce the effect.


Thanks for getting in touch. I assume that you saw my article here: ... _steel.htm

Are you saying you tried the crimpers with sheet aluminum pans like I did and they didn't work? Or did you try them with aluminum soda can material?

As George says here: , baking ("annealing") the aluminum from soda cans makes it a easier to crimp.

I know several folks who have good results from soda cans using George's instructions for annealing, using a "self-cleaning" oven. If you don't have a self-cleaning oven, it doesn't work as well. Sorry about that.

I usually stick to salvaging aluminum serving pans, etc. At church meals, family potlucks, etc. I always try to save the lids, since they're flat and easier to work wth. If I had an emergency, I could buy a set of new pans, but it hasn't come to that. :-)

So my finished crimped aluminum is not nearly as heavy-duty as George's but it works and looks good, and doesn't stress my crimpers.

I hope this makes sense, even if it doesn't point to a specific solution that will work for you.

- Paul

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