Lionel's RTP Diesel Conversion to 45mm and Other Upgrades
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Author:  paulrace [ Sun Jan 31, 2021 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Lionel's RTP Diesel Conversion to 45mm and Other Upgrades

A reader writes:

I have successfully converted the Santa Fa diesel and cars to G scale. The diesel is quite easy just follow the instructions for the steam engines. The cars are as easy. I took it one step further and got four diesel engines and converted two into a B unit with two motors. I stripped out the electronics and replace it with a Hobby King 1.2 Ghz controls. These controls are quite small and have a long range. I installed a receiver in each of the three units with a 20amp hobby king ESC. I followed the instructions on how to bind all three receivers to the controller. I replaced the batteries with 8aaa battery packs with a charging plug installed in the access door at the rear of the units. I then rewired two motors in reverse as they would be going the other way. With four motors and the ESC binding with the controller I have been able to pull over 25 New bright cars that I have kit bashed.

At first glance you'd think I invented a separate G scale train line as all cars and engines are kit bashed, painted in black and blue for my Brandywine Lenape Railroad and sport Brachmann couplers. What I have discovered is a very inexpensive way to get into G scale trains on a tight Scottish budget. I'm now converting a Penn Flyer with another one in the mail. The controls for these ready to play trains are unique to each train. Allowing you to run as many trains as the track can take. I use LGB R-3 track and turnouts which are far less harmful to the plastic wheels. Later I will convert the passenger truck wheels to New Bright metal wheels.

Author:  paulrace [ Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Lionel's RTP Diesel Conversion to 45mm and Other Upgrade

The reader added:
Here are some pictures of the progress on the conversion of the Penn Flyer ready to play to G scale.
As You can see a pill bottle is the exact size to hold the speaker which I plan on moving to the tender so as to make room for a smoker. I used mini 9 V green LEDs that made a perfect fit where the plastic green inserts were. I cut off the tips and carefully step drilled the remaining hole until the the wires would fit. They were tight as they had tiny resisters attach so I took a round mini file and filed out the lower portion that had some meat on it and oblong the hole until the wires passed through. I super glued and tapped into the head light and provided a plug so I could remove the front over of the boiler if needed.

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Author:  paulrace [ Sun Jan 31, 2021 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Lionel's RTP Diesel Conversion to 45mm and Other Upgrade

The reader wrote back:

I have found out that the ready to play version of the Penn flyer is some what stouter then the earlier G scale version. I broke one of the protruding tabs on the second set of drivers. Made a cute insert that I feel is a better choice so I replace the other side as well. Turned out fine except I had to sand the gray spacer a little thinner but that tightened up the drivers. Will send pictures so if anyone else can see how I made repairs.

Have finished the box for the 16 AA rechargeable batteries and when I open the engine I will take pictures. The weight almost equals the 6 C cell batteries.

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