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Family Garden Trains Free Newsletter Signup Sheet

A Note from the Editor-in-Chief: Since Family Garden Trains started answering beginner's questions in the 1990s, folks have been asking us to put them on our mailing list so we could notify them of "latebreaking" news and of new articles being published. We also have had many folks asking us to send them product catalogs by U.S mail. For reasons why we're just getting around to this now, please see the "blog-like-article": Why We Finally Started a Mailing List. While we apologize for not getting this off the ground until now, we have decided it is "high time" to give folks the opportunity to sign up so we can all keep in better touch.

Will People Start Bothering Me?

No salesman will call. Your contact information will not be given to anyone else. No unsolicited advertisements or other spam will be e-mailed to you.

What does the Family Garden Trains™ Newsletter Contain?

If we are able to stick to our plans, you will receive an e-mail newsletter about once a month. It should contain tips of things you could (or maybe should) be doing at that time of year to improve your garden railroad experience.

Will the Mailing List be used for Anything Else?

You may also occasionally receive e-mail notices of other information you may find helpful, based on what we learn about your interests or your location from the survey below At the moment, however, we don't have the bandwidth to do to much of that, so don't expect to be inundated with such information from us in the near future. :-(

How Will I Know if I'm On the Right List?

A few days after you sign up, we will try to send you a reply or including our most recent newsletter as a "test" to make certain that the address you give us is correct. This will also give you a chance to determine if the newsletter contains the kind of information you wish to continue receiving.

What Else Might I Need to Know?

As always, you may continue to access all of our articles absolutely free and to contact us with any question at all, whether or not you are "on our list." And you may certainly ask to have your name taken off the list at any time. In other words, this is just an attempt to help you stay informed about Garden Railroading and we will not take it personally if you change your mind.

What About US Mail Options

In addition, we occasionally have the opportunity to send information by US mail (usually once a year or less). This may include information of regional interest or product catalogs supplied by our advertisers. if you want to occasionally receive such mailings, please, add your whole mailing address to the following form and check the "yes" box after the US mail question. Again, we will not sell or give this information to anyone else, but if a manufacturer such as AristoCraft or MTH gives us materials to send out to our readers, we will forward them to you. We don't have a "US mail" version of the newsletter, though.

Please note - Update for 2014: Sadly, every month dozens of spammers and jokesters fill out this form thinking that somehow their unwelcome advertisements or content will show up on my site (they don't). The spammers are getting more clever, though - even using real "borrowed" real e-mail addresses and names of innocent third parties, so I wind up spamming people who could care less about our subject matter.

I've even had people that swear they signed up by accident, and they really don't know anything about garden trains or want to know anything. I don't know how that's possible, but I'm making it a little harder. No, I'm not adding funny-shaped letters and numbers you have to decipher and type in - the spammers figure those out faster than I do.

So I'm now asking people who want to subscribe to our newsletters to provide real information about yourself, including real first and last names, city, zip and SOME information about yourself and your hobby. This way, we'll know it's it's not just a random spam attack and we won't waste time adding bogus addresses to our databases, or worse yet, spamming innocent people whose information has been hacked. Again, we apologize if this seems like a hassle to you, but considering how much information about myself and my family we've shared on these web pages, I don't think we're asking for anything untoward.

And if your name really is "Bozo LeClown," or something just as unlikely, there had better be a pretty good explanation in the Comments area.

Again, please contact us with any questions about this, and add any comments in the comment box below.

Thanks, and happy railroading,

Paul Race

Family Garden Trains

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What kinds(s) of railroad would you like to model? (Optional, check all that apply)
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Other Modeling Interest(s)

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If you don't have a working Garden Railroad, how soon might you be building one? (Optional)
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Please Enter Any Comments or Questions (Required - Please say something about your hobby or interests so we know you're a real person - see the note for 2009 above for more information.)

*Note: Unfortunately, in addition to the many reader questions we answer every month, we get a certain number of questions and signups from people who are nevertheless use systems that keep our e-mails from getting through to them. If you use a system that rejects e-mails from all unknown senders automatically, please let us know in the comment area how you've made provision for our e-mails to get to you without us having to jump through hoops. Thanks - Paul &c

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