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Written by Paul D. Race for Family Garden Trains(tm)

The resulting sub-assembly is very flexible when you need it to be, and very strong when you need it to be, as Bill Logan demonstrated with an HDPE assembly at a Miami Valley Garden Railway Society meeting in the fall of 2002.
Bill shows how to use clamps to keep things lined up while you assemble the other "stringer." Bill demonstrates at an MVGRS meeting with Wil Davis' help. (Ordinarily this part is done on-site and on the ground.)
Smooth, strong curves are possible in a few minutes. Wouldn't this look good on a "suspended" indoor railroad, too? Notice the 2" block used as a joiner just to the left of the top of the photo. Also, notice that Bill "staggers" the stringers so they don't both get "joined" at the same place.

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