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Spring Trains and Villages

Spirit Of Ireland Express Subscription Train

Click for larger picture.

Irish Blessings Express Train Set Shines with the Warm Spirit of Ireland! An Exclusive Heirloom-quality Irish Collectible! - Ride the rolling emerald green hills, lush meadows and misty glens of Ireland on the Irish Blessings Express Train! Each car is graced with the breathtaking landscape art of Irish artist Edmund Sullivan. Adorned with traditional Irish-themed accents, like shamrocks, Irish flags, golden Claddaghs, and the words of the cherished Irish blessing - "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You." In addition, every window of this limited-edition Irish On30 scale collectible express train set lights up with a welcoming Irish glow. FREE nickel silver 16-piece track set and power-pack - a $60 value! Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Summer Trains and Villages

Thomas Kinkade Lamplight Subscription Village

Click for bigger picture.Stroll the Lamplit Streets with Thomas Kinkade - The romantic vision of Thomas Kinkade transports you to a radiant place where enchanting lamplights glow like luminous pearls on flower-lined paths. Warm lights stream from cozy cottages, welcoming you home.This is a landmark collection and a great value because you get free accessories and figurines, a $75 Value - FREE! One of those figurines is a NEW, exclusive, figurine of Thomas Kinkade! And, this is a convenient Subscription Plan so you're sure of getting every piece and there's no risk of a future price increase. Mr. Kinkade's villages are incredibly popular, don't be disappointed. Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Shoreline Pastimes Village Accessory

Click for bigger picture.Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer in Your Seaside Village Display - These fishermen, their boat, and mooring docks will bring more life to any display village, especially the Thomas Kinkade Seaside Village above. Fish from the sandy shore or on the pier near their boat - wherever they are, you'll all have a grand time! These exclusive hand-crafted Hawthorne Village collectible accessories are hand-painted with rigorous attention to detail, adding animated drama to your village for years to come. They're quite popular, so order now! Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Autumn Harvest Trains and Villages

Thomas Kinkade End of a Perfect Day Express Train Subscription Plan. Click for a bigger picture.

Thomas Kinkade End of a Perfect Day Express Train Subscription Plan

Thomas Kinkade Artwork Beckons You to the Fishing Trip of Your Dreams - Aboard an Exclusive Collectible Express Train Set! - Somewhere in the great outdoors is a special place, a retreat just for you - and you can only get there aboard this heirloom quality On30 scale collectible express train set! It's fully illuminated and richly finished in rustic hues, embellished with heartwarming fishing slogans and glowing Thomas Kinkade artwork of warmly lit cabins nestled in pristine wilderness settings!The End Of A Perfect Day Locomotive is not only a handcrafted collector's item - it is also a solid model with all-metal moving parts and many metal details.   Click for a bigger picture. and many Available only from Hawthorne Village, this Thomas Kinkade collectible electric train set is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail, perfect for the true model train enthusiast. Plus, it comes with a nickel silver 16-piece track set and power pack, a $60 value, yours FREE! Go ahead, relax and watch the old-fashioned steam engine chug around the track, hauling your every care far, far away! Order now!

For a bigger picture of the train, including the first car in the series, click the picture to the left.

For more information, click the "Buy" button - you are under no obligation to purchase until you make your final decision on the next page.

Winter (Not Christmas) Trains and Villages

If you've visited any of our Big Christmas Trains pages, you know that we list Christmas trains and villages of all shapes and sizes. The products in this section are decorated for winter, but not for Christmas. Sure, they look great with Christmas trains and villages, but after the Christmas tree comes down you can still celebrate winter's frosty charms with these fine products.

Silver Moon Express Wolf Art Electric Train CollectionAl Agnew's Silver Moon Express is a finely detailed model as well as a finely crafted art piece. Click for a bigger photoAl Agnew's Silver Moon Express - If you want to celebrate the Winter Solstice in a truly "wild" fashion, you might want to take a look at the Hawthorne Village Silver Moon Express Subscription Plan Train. This subscription train has wintry blue and silver colors, as well as paintings by Al Agnew that feature wolves and snowy landscapes. (For a closeup of the locomotive click here.)

This train became unavailable in 2012, but is back, possibly in limited quantities. (Actually all of these trains are limited editions, but some are more limited than others.) If you're interested in Al Agnew's work, or if you decorate with a silver and blue theme at the holidays, this is a unique opportunity. Please click on either photograph for more pictures and details.

Click to see details about this diesel-powered HO train inspired by Al Agnew's Wolf Art By the way, if you prefer diesel trains, an HO Agnew-inspired Spirit Of The Wild Express is also available.

Accessories for Trains and Villages on This Page

Hawthorne Village Train Accessories - As different as they may look, all of the Hawthorne Village trains on this page are mechanically interchangeable. They are On30 trains, built on frames made by the Bachmann Corporation, the world's largest model train manufacturer. The track they all use is the same EZ-Track that Bachmann sells for HO trains, so if you order more than one Hawthorne Village train, you can use the track from each set interchangeably. You can also always get extra Bachmann EZ-Track pieces as well as Bachmann parts and service on your Hawthorne Village trains. A few extra track pieces and other Hawthorne Village accessories you may find useful are provided below for your convenience.

Summer Crossing Gate Train Accessory Set

Click for bigger picture.Electric Train Crossing Gate and Block Signal Accessory Set Adds Realism to your Collectible Electric Train Set! Exclusive! - This miniature-scale crossing gate and block signals will add interest and charm to any Hawthorne Village train. Meticulously handcrafted by master artisans, each detail is flawlessly re-created, from the red-and-white striped train crossing gate arms to the white crossing signs. The crossing gate's arms even lower automatically when the train passes over the track! This is also an excellent value. Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Winter Crossing Gate Train Accessory Set

Winter Crossing Gate And Block HO Scale Train AccessoryThe Winter Electric Train Crossing Gate and Block Signal Accessory Set! - Like the summer version above, miniature-scale crossing gate and block signals will add interest and charm to any Hawthorne Village train. The crossing gate's arms lower automatically when the train passes over the track! Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Track Multi-Pack Train Accessory Set

Click for bigger picture.Electric Train Track Accessory Keeps Your On30 or HO Scale Train Set on Track - One of the true joys and excitement of owning an electric train set is in enhancing - and growing - your display by adding quality accessories. Hawthorne Village's exclusive HO scale "Track Multi-Pack" Train Accessory Set affords you almost 8 feet of additional track, including four 9" Straight Track and six 9" Radius Curved Track. Perfect for any Hawthorne Village train sets. All you need to do is snap them together. Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Crossing Track Pack Train Accessory Set

Click for bigger picture.Expand your Empire! - If you have already added the Track Multi-Pack Train Accessory Set to your railroad, this set will allow you to add a figure eight shape to your railroad. This set includes a 90-degree Crossing, four 2-1/4" Straight Track and one 18" Radius Curved Rerailer. Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

Bridgeport Train Display Wood Cabinet

Click for a bigger picture.Handsome Model Train Set Display Case Shows off Your Train Collection in Heirloom-quality Wood Cabinet with Glass Doors! - Provide an elegant home for your beloved model train collection in this heirloom-quality model train set display case, exclusively from Van Hygan & Smythe. Custom-designed in the tradition of fine European craftsmanship, its classic style is enhanced by solid hardwood construction with a rich walnut-finish. Hinged glass front doors reveal three 3-1/4" deep hardwood shelves, perfectly sized for your limited-edition train collections. Magnetic door closures minimize dust, and gleaming brass-finished hardware adds an elegant touch. Click on the link below to purchase or for more information.

O Scale AccessoriesIn addition, the O-Scale Accessories page includes many relatively inexpensive details such as bridges, fencing, and stations, that will bring life to any O-Scale or O-Gauge railroad.

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