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Written by Paul D. Race for Family Garden Trains(tm)

Pardon Our Dust! - Family Garden Trains(tm) is doing some housecleaning on this section

When I reformated my original "New Boston and Donnels Creek" pages into the current Family Garden Trains(tm) site in 1999-2000, I had a bunch of articles left over (some dating from the 1980s) that didn't seem to fit anywhere into the new structure. A few others seemed destined to become less and less relevant as the topics they discussed became obsolete. So I started the Archive page. Within a matter of weeks, MOST of the articles here were getting good, organic Google hits, so I didn't want to move them or discard them. That said, many of the articles that were here are getting a little "long in the tooth," and the web site is running out of space, literally. So I've begun weeding out the ones that really aren't important any more, like whether Lionel Large Scale trains (long discontinued) are really close enough to 1:32 to be considered models (they are if you squint when they get too close).

The articles that still seem applicable to hobbyists have been moved other places and the links here have been redirected. We'll leave this page up in case you've bookmarked it, too. In the meantime, if you go looking for an article we used to have, and you can't find it, please contact us and we'll try to point you to it, or dig it up, if it really is MIA.

Please remember that all articles referenced on this page are for your personal use only; they are copyrighted by Paul D. Race and may not be copied without permission.

Garden Railroading "Magazine" Articles {Archive)

Other People's Articles

Watch this space: I hope to include some new articles soon.

Thanks to all my editors, error-catchers, contributors, and encouragers, including:
James R. Avery
Rick Golding
Noel F. Widdifield
David J. Smith
Lewis Polk
Earl J. Chevalier, Jr.
David Buffington
George Shreyer
Vance Bass
Tony Walsham
Marc Horovitz
Scot Osterweil
Wil Davis
Peter Wine
TATE (Whoever you are)
Fred Mills

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